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Rules of conduct for the day

• Students come to the Lyceum for 15 minutes before classes begin, clean and tidy, the Lyceum form without ornaments and cosmetics.

The form of lyceum students

For all: color - dark blue jacket with a badge or emblem in grades 9-11

Girls - skirt or dress with a white blouse

 1-4 - skirt cell in red and blue, white blouse

5-9 - skirt dress or dark blue, white or light blouse odnotona

10-11 - skirt or dress in black or dark blue, white or light blouse odnotona

Boys - 1-9  - dark blue pants, jacket

10-11- dark blue or black business suits

You may:

1. For the 10-11 classes - business form black jeans, dark blue or black for the working day;

2. For 7-9 classes - jeans in dark blue for the working day;

3. Free Clothing - birthday, the application class leader, on February 14 and March 8

• Students must carry out homework on time allotted Lyceum program notified teacher.

• Students must have daily neat and tidy every day, to keep track of homework, provide daily weekly class teacher, parents signature, to have everything you need for classes at lessons (textbooks, notebooks).

• Students must respect the dignity of those working and studying in high school, take care of the younger ones.

• Students must keep the property Lyceum, observe cleanliness and order in the high school.

• Students should participate in extra-curricular activities feasible labor, in self-service.


• The next class is appointed by order of the Lyceum and according to schedule one day a week on duty is one of the floors of the Lyceum.

Duties next class:

• Come on duty before the start of classes:

(I-floor for 30 minutes, the second -IU floors - 20 minutes);

• Check the students who were late;

• Watch for order and cleanliness at recess;

• Do not allow students to disrupt order, promptly put to the attention of the class teacher or another administrator abuse;

• rent alternation end of the school day, deputy director of the Lyceum, make regular blog entries.

Duties regular students in class:

• Monitor the willingness offices lesson, ventilate the room, prepare the board, helping the teacher lesson;

• Make time (lesson 2) the application for dinner;

• Leave room in perfect order;

• Make cleaning the classroom end of the school day.


• Do not come in outer clothing;

• Students must comply with courteous manners, do not talk loudly, wash your hands. Clean up after themselves.


• Do not: use the lessons of mobile phones offering and use in educational day players, electronic devices and so on.

• You may not late for lessons during class third-party conversations, incorrect behavior that violates the rights of other students to obtain knowledge.

Strictly prohibited:

• Smoking, bringing life-threatening way, use obscene expressions and gestures, physical confrontation, attempted humiliation of the individual.