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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

At the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Lyceum with 10 teachers.

Head of Department - Ryvkind Joseph Yakovlevich, teacher-Methodist, Distinguished Teacher of Ukraine, winner George Soros, one of the authors state programs, textbooks on computer science for grades 2-11.


1. Pankratova Irina Yevgenyivna - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, winner George Soros, teacher-methodist, the author of manuals on mathematics.

2. Pustovoytova Inna Volodimirivna - Methodist teacher, graduate school number 38 1966.

3. Movchan Svetlana Mykolayivna- teacher-Methodist, Postgraduate Pedagogical University. M.Dragomanov, author of manuals on mathematics.

4. Grebeniuk Lyudmila Leontievna - Methodist teacher, author of manuals on mathematics.

5. Romanenko Irina Leonidivna - Methodist teacher, author of manuals on mathematics.

6. Lavrenyuk Irina Vitalyivna - Methodist teacher, author curriculum "Computer - my friend and helper" for elementary school students and "" Fundamentals "for students in grades 5-8.

7. Kharlamova Lilya Apollinariyivna - teacher of the highest category

8. Tselovanskyy Victor Andriyovich - senior teacher

9. Babich Anna Vasilyiva - senior teacher


In the early 60s of last century in school number 38 began working classes with in-depth study of mathematics. Taught mathematics in these classes are known in Ukraine and in the Soviet Union mathematics teachers, authors of manuals on mathematics Diner YS, Kaplan YA.L ,, Pustovoytov VG Matusevych AK and others.

They have produced many winners of competitions in mathematics at various levels - from the district to the Union. Among the graduates of the years many famous engineers, scientists, doctors and candidates, members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Marchenko AA), People's teacher (Anchor MS).

In the mid 80s the school was one of the first in the Soviet Union computer classes. In 1988, the school began an experiment to study computer science in the junior and high school. Subsequently, the experiment was common in many schools Ukraine, yaki used curricula, textbooks and software developed by school teachers Ryvkind Y.YA., Rivkind FM, Andrusych AA, Borisov MG, Lisovtseva A. And .: "Steps to science", "Steps to science +", "Basic language LOGO», «Basics of algorithms and programming" and others.

In our time in high school number 38 at the Department of Mathematics and Computer qualified teachers continue to work in mathematics and computer science, who, like their predecessors, have produced many winners of competitions - from regional to nationwide - and the winners of scientific papers MAN.

Prepared and printed manuals, including "whole and fractional part of the number" (Pankratov IE), "The equation of modules" and "Equations and inequalities with absolute value" (Hrebeniuk LL, Romanenko IA) "The method of mathematical induction" (Movchan SM). Teachers of the department - the author of many articles in professional teaching and learning science journals.

The main form of lessons learned are different types, but along with them wider than the regular school used lectures, seminars, workshops. In the educational process, teachers choose rational system of teaching methods and techniques that stimulate the activity of students, enhance their interest in the study of mathematics and computer science and promote conscious learning. Much attention is paid to the group form work, home projects (collective and individual).

The development of interest in the subject contributing lectures of the Institute of Mathematics, Polytechnic University, Civil Engineering, part-time classes in physics and mathematics school, the competition, mathematical battles, familiarity with the works of art and other forms of work.
The result of training and practical work high school students towards mathematics is a library of educational, regulatory and gaming applications created by them in recent years. The department issued a mathematical electronic newspaper.Traditionally, the department annually decade of Mathematics and Computer Science (October). Within ten days are school competitions, mathematical and informative Race, carousel, brain-rings and other interesting events.
Every year in March and April at the 300 th Lyceum students participating in the International Competition "Kangaroo".

At the beginning of each school year, students grades 5-11 write "diagnostic tests" in math, algebra, geometry, to check the quality of conservation knowledge and skills of the student.

At the end of the first and second semester grades 7-11 students make up credits in algebra and geometry orally or in writing.

Students in grade 9 at the end of the first term, students in Grade 10 at the end of the second semester protect their scientific and research work (projects) on which to work during the semester.Особливу увагу вчителі кафедри приділяють міжпредметним зв'язкам курсів математики, інформатики, фізики, астрономії, біології, англійської мови. У практику роботи ліцею увійшли інтегровані уроки. 

Essential for the formation of a scientific outlook of pupils with elements of historicism in the classroom mathematics, computer science, in extracurricular activities.