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The rights and duties of lyceum student

Charter lyceum №38 named after V.M.Molchanova (extract)

3.3. Lyceum students are entitled to:

3.3.1. the choice of education profile, electives, courses, after-school and extracurricular activities;

3.3.2. Use educational and industrial, scientific, logistical, cultural, sports, medical and recreational base Lyceum;

3.3.3. access to information on all branches of knowledge;

3.3.4.braty involved in various types of scientific and practical activities, conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, competitions etc.

3.3.5. take part in the work of public authorities Lyceum;

3.3.6. participate in discussions and make its own proposals for the organization of the educational process, leisure students;

3.3.7. take part in voluntary amateur associations, creative studios, clubs, clubs, sections of interest;

3.3.8. to protection from all forms of exploitation, mental and physical violence that violate the law or degrading treatment;

3.3.9. to safe, harmless conditions of training, education and work.

3.4. For special merits Lyceum students are awarded with "Honorary lyceum student," his name is entered into the Book of Honour Lyceum.

3.5. Lyceum students must:

3.5.1. comply with the Charter, legislation, moral and ethical standards, respect the honor and dignity of other students and staff of the Lyceum;

3.5.2. to participate in search and research activities provided for educational programs and curriculum Lyceum, its Statute;

3.5.3. raise their general cultural level;

3.5.4. care of the state, public and personal property, property other participants in the educational process;

3.5.5.braty involved in various types of employment, self-service;

3.5.6. follow the rules of behavior of lyceum students.

Rules lyceum students:

1. Strive for knowledge. Persistent, creative master the basics of science, skills self, constantly work on themselves.

2. Keep, multiply the best traditions of the Lyceum, to be patriots of their institution. Active participation in social useful work, public life.

3. acquire the wealth of culture and art of his people, the peoples of the world. Strive to be highly cultured man.

4. Develop your abilities consciously relate to physical culture and sport, to their health.

5. Wear a uniform standard. Watch for their appearance, manners.

6. Respect the parents, teachers, their friends, worry about the sick and elderly, younger - a matter of honor of every high school pupils.

7. In relations "student-teacher", "student-student," "student-parents" to show respect and trust each other, to recognize the right of everyone to be a person.

8. To consider spaces lessons without good reason, smoking, damage to property Lyceum, rudeness, offense and other emergency cases gross violations of the Charter, which deals Lyceum teachers' meeting and the Council, where decisions on the further stay of the student in the high school. Any damage to property Lyceum fully compensated culprit.