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Irina Kozina

Director of the Lyceum, a teacher of English. Graduated KDPIIM in "Teacher of English and French." Honored worker of Ukraine. Teacher - Methodist, has a higher level of proficiency. Master of Educational Management. Vice-President of the Association of School Principals Ukraine (USHA), a member of the European Association of School Principals (ESHA), representative of Ukraine in the European Assembly principals. By teaching materials for courses "English Literature", "Lexical practical." He has 29 publications, and articles in magazines "Tribune", "Gifted Child", "The Headmaster", "ESHA magazine", "Issues". Every year stands on the pages of specialized magazines and newspapers


Matvyeicheva Natalia

The deputy director of educational work. Teacher of foreign literature. She graduated from KSU them. Shevchenko in "philologist" and University of Drahomanov in "Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature." Uchytel- Methodist, has a higher level of proficiency. Author lectures on methods of teaching foreign literature.

Melnyk Oksana

The deputy director of educational work. Primary school teacher. Graduated KSPU them. M.Dragomanov in "Primary School Teacher" and UBA NAPS Institute of Management and Psychology in "school leaders". Awarded diplomas Shevchenko district state administration Department of Education for profesionalism, diploma Brothers Fund Klitschko for his significant contribution to the environmental education of children is gratitude from CO "Foundation for Children" for their participation and assistance in the "You and I" (helping children bizhantsyam and settlers during ATO) and others. Winner of the "Teacher of the Year - 2014" in the city. Kiev. Teacher-Methodist Senior vchytel.

Pankratov Irina

Deputy Director of the Lyceum of scientific and technical work, the teacher of mathematics. She graduated from KSU them. Shevchenko in "Mathematics", KSU postgraduate them. Shevchenko (Department of algebra and mathematical logic). Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, winner Soros. Teacher-Methodist, has a higher level of proficiency. Awarded "Blahodarstvennm writing committee chairman of the Moscow education." Participated in the development of programs and thematic planning in mathematics for students grades 5-11 Lyceum. There is a co-author of the textbook "whole and fractional part of the number" for students and teachers from the "Piggy school mathematics", 1996, Kyiv, FACT recommended by the Ministry of Education for use. Co-author of the textbook "Geometry - 7 cells."


Mashkevich Vira

Vice Director of the organizational work, the teacher of Russian language and literature. She graduated from the Kalmyk control in "teacher of Russian language and literature." The teacher-trainers, a higher level of proficiency. The article "Innovation dramaturhyy Chekhov" in "Russian language and literature in Ukraine".


Hozyeyeva Irina

Deputy Director of Education. Teacher of Geography. Graduated KDPI them. Gorky in "teacher of geography and biology." The winner of the contest "Teacher of the Year 1999" in geography in Kiev. It has a higher level of proficiency. Contributor programs integrated course "Science in elementary school." Developed program "Country in elementary school." Senior teacher.


Majboroda Ivan

Deputy Director chore. He graduated from the Industrial College. Works in high school since 1973.