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Lyceum competition "Class Year" is one of the measures aimed at encouraging students to succeed in learning, develop their initiative, responsibility, culture and contribution of each high school pupils in the collective labor class Lyceum.

The contest consists of two stages based on the results of semester study period.

Results of Stage held January 25, a day school assignment named Valery Molchanov.

Results of Phase II declared the end of the school year.

4 main indicators taken into account when summarizing:

1) GPA class academic achievements;

2) culture of behavior (shape, appearance, attitude to the character of the Lyceum, courtesy communication delay the lessons omissions behavior at recess, behavior in the cafeteria);

3) initiatives and case (in part zahalnolitseyskyh affairs, sports competitions, helping younger veterans, older people and disabled people, bright cool initiative of the year, etc.);

4) responsibility (duty, care of classroom objects and labor, assistance in maintaining the Lyceum property clarity in the performance of assigned work, etc.).

For the competition stvoryuyetsyazhuri, consisting of representatives of the administration of the Lyceum, student council president and chairman of the parent committee. The head of the jury director of the Lyceum. Presidential Lyceum student council covering the competition on the stand and delivers his decision on the basis of each stage of the jury, on which the final decision is up the competition.

The three best classes for the year nahorodzhuvatymusya valuable gifts.