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Department of Ukrainian language and literature

The department has five teachers of the highest category.

Head of Department - Yankovа Оlena Anatolievna.


Staff of the department

Yankova Olena Anatolievna

Head of the department since 2007

Category - highest;

title - a teacher-methodologist;

Awards: Diploma HUON; RVNO charter;

pedstazh - 15 years.

Methodological development:

program "Modern Ukrainian language of business"; Theme of tests

Literature for Grades 5-11; table for practical training,

independent work, thematic certification; scheme "Classification of sentences"; a series of tests to the theme "Life and Work of John Kotlyarevskogo"; series of lessons on the theme of "I. Franko "Zakhar Berkut" .7 class "; Lessons: "The world of fables Borovikovskiy. Grade 8. "," A. Malishko "Song of the towel." Grade 7 "," I. Malkovich "With an angel on his shoulder." Grade 8 "," parenthesis. Grade 8 ".


Bilan Lesya Petrivna

Category - highest;

teaching experience - 16 years.

Methodological development:

language tests for grade 5; lesson "Ye.Hutsalo" Family of wild ducks ".7 class"; lesson "I. Franco "Stolen Happiness" 10 class ";

tasks in game form of literature for students of the 5th grade.


Vasylchenko Julia Mykolaivna

Category - highest;

Awards: Exactly certificates, diplomas MO;

title - senior teacher;

teaching experience - 28 years.

Methodological development:

the script of the play "Jack Frost"; literary scenario pm

dedicated to building Franko "Zev 'yale leaves"; "The main the sentence: subject and predicate" script "School Jumble".

Ocheretna Larysa Mykolayivna

Category - highest;

title - teacher-methodologist;

awards, diplomas Rovno, HUON charter, charter MO;

teaching experience - 37 years.

Methodological development: lessons to custom themes: "adverb"

"Mysteries," "Prysliv 'I sayings"; literary and musical Shevchenkiana "Our council, our song will not die, did not die" lesson "Doubling letters denoting elongated soft consonants. Grade 5 "lesson" Punctuation in asyndetic sentences. 9 class. "


Pilipenko Olga Pavlivna

Category - highest;

Awards: Exactly certificates, diplomas HUON;

title - a teacher-methodologist;

teaching experience  - 25 years.

Methodological development:

Lesson "Prague School Poets and their age. Grade 11 "lesson" Life - a struggle, and struggle - a real life "(Elena Teliha). Grade 11 "lesson" Plug words and phrases. Features of their selection. Grade 11 ".

Published works:

1) Study the theme "phraseology" in preparation for external testing magazine "Ukrainian language and literature in the modern school», №2, 2012;

2) He worships the world. Strokes to the portrait of Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk magazine "Ukrainian language and literature in the modern school», №6, 2012.


Chair of Ukrainian language and literature works on implementing the lessons of innovative teaching methods that promote literacy students through language and literature. Focus - Introduction to the educational process provisions personality oriented lesson.

The task of teachers - school pupils to bring cultural heritage of their people, develop creativity and critical thinking, promote Ukrainian consciousness.

The department is working with the Museum of Literature, Museum of Theatre and Film, Memorial Museum-Flat Tychina, Lesia Ukrainian Museum, the Museum of Shevchenko, cinema them. V. Chapaev, Youth Theatre, TYuHom. Students attend thematic tours, exhibitions, lectures, performances, film.

Teachers attending the Department of Scientific and methodological seminars, scientific conferences. Conduct individual classes for gifted children to prepare for contests and competitions. With the participation of students and faculty concluded anthologies of literary work of high school pupils, where the stories, tales, poems, fables young authors.

Recently, teachers of the department together with students create video library for multimedia boards. These films by software works, presentations, biographies of writers, literary theory presentations, video clips of the songs studied the program, lessons, cartoons and more interesting material that can be presented to media boards. Modern lesson to be using technical means and modern teacher should be able to use innovative technologies.

Credo of teachers Department

• The heart will go down only what comes from the heart.

We would like our children - the future of Ukrainian nation - remember that this - means not express an opinion, but to create it, and it does not disappear because it is not taught to others, and that it does not speak to those who know.

AV Shchurat wrote: "The attitude to the mother tongue should be the same as the native mother loved not at any bait or benefits, and for what it is - to have".


Class hours in 8th grade, dedicated to 200 anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko

Competition of readers of works of Taras Shevchenko

Excursion 8th graders to Kanev

Meeting with writer D.V. Malakhov

Mamayeva Sloboda