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Department of Foreign Languages


Head of the Department Shtefura Olena Mykolayivna

Teachers of the department:

1. Solozhenko Maya Volodymyrivna- English teacher, teacher-methodist, Co HMS International Coordinator in Ukraine

2. Statkevich Olena Valer'yanivna - English teacher, teacher-methodist, author of teaching materials in newspapers English, Englishplus and the magazine "Foreign languages at school"

3. Reshetnikova Svitlana Yuryivna - English teacher, teacher-Methodist

4. Gladyk Olga Volodymyrivna- English teacher

5. Dzhulay Olena Oleksandrivna- English teacher

6. Oleynik Svetlana Ivanivna - English teacher

7. Butryk Olga Anatoliyivna - English teacher

8. Vinogradova Alla Yakivna - teacher of German. Senior teacher

9.Voronkova Irina Pavlovna - teacher of French teacher category II

10. Kotova Tamila Semenivna - French teacher

Great contribution to the work of the department was introduced first head of the Department of Khlebnikova Svetlana Markovna - teacher-trainers, who worked in Lyceum more than 50 years.




Lesson of French and German

In English lessons


Methodical developments of teacher Statkevich Olena Valeryanivna newspapers in English, Englishplus and magazines "Foreign languages at school"

The students of our lyceum successfully pass testing in English and took place in the top ten in the city Kyiv.


Participation in competitions and sections MAN

Every year students of the Lyceum took prizes in competitions of the second phase of foreign languages.

In 2013-2014 - 11 students won the second stage of regional competitions in English

International projects

        Since 1993, the high school is involved in international education project (REER), and since 2007 in the international theater project - the purpose of which is to spread intellectual and cultural level of the students and teachers of history, science and culture. Participants in this project are 14 European countries.


                                 Vaskivuary Upper Secondary School, Finland Date: November, 2013

                                                   PeepHistoryWeek 23.10.14 – 30.10.14

                                                                Topic: «European Union»

                                 Participants: Denmark, Greece, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic.

Orientation Course «Cambridge»

Students Lyceum annually confirm the high level of English, becoming winners of HMC, which allow them to free education in elite schools Belykoyi Britain.


Winners HMC 2014



extracurricular work

In order to deepen and broaden the knowledge and cultural horizons of students, development of creative activity of students and their aesthetic taste department teachers conduct various extracurricular activities:

· Week of foreign languages;

· Intelligent Games and Brain ring;

· Work at "Our House meeting with Europe and Western Europe"

· Organization discussions;

· Performances;


· CEC;

· Creative competitions

Intellectual game for 11th-graders