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Address by director of the Lyceum Kozina I.P.

Work Director has always been difficult today - more than ever. Unlimited responsibilities; responsibility for all and for all; low wages; uncertainty in the legislation, which changes rapidly, does not give a clear answer that it is possible and what is not, what are often dishonorable officials; distrust school, which is distributed in society; lack of adequate financial support from the state - all this has now become the director of the school, the "kamikaze" and makes an attractive position of Director for the naive ambitsioziv or new business in education.
The situation that happened in high school 38mu so easy and so cynical denial of human dignity not only the director, but the entire teaching staff where so much emphasis on the application of one father who has just brought the child in 1st grade, and when many parents ignored appeals , alumni, students, pedkolektyvu, employees Lyceum and even ignored a letter of the Minister of Education to ban checks in such a difficult time for the country - is alarming!
Whether these are people who have sworn to European values, but are old inhumane methods to order and bows have lead education district and the city? And whether their actions are a manifestation of democracy?
For over 20 years, being one of the founders of the NGO "Association of School Principals Ukraine" - USHA, I presented our Ukrainian education in the European Association - ESHA, had the opportunity to see the real school in various European countries reveal a similar problem, directors, especially management systems Education in Western Europe. Frankly, in any European country so disrespectful, so humiliating pay not belong to the school as we have.
Today, I would be wrong, however, there is a clear action hunting for a director, and began it's not the worst schools. It seems they want to scare all directors and silence their meekly follow orders from education officials. Function aid to schools by the Department of Education becomes a punitive acts, namely management - to
punitive agency. In order to excite the situation from the inside using some disgruntled teachers or complaints usually unruly parents. all this in front of our children. They ask the question "Is there any justice in the world?" After all, if punished for performance initiative of parents in a letter deputy department "help" for the time limit break dance to order parents - we must punish everyone because it is long-standing practice of non-traditional lessons schools in the country. Or explain why it was suddenly banned and lessons planetarium and Philharmonic payment by parents during lessons allowed, though not for 38ho Lyceum.
Creative thinking, personal opinion, constructive criticism, teamwork, tolerance - this is not all, but European value orientations in education today. Classic: adults set an example. What is an example today serves adult education officials in m. Kyiv? ..

Justice exists, but it must be fought for.