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Code of Honor lyceum student

Lyceum № 38 named after Valery Molchanov always stood out among educational institutions:

- Democratic atmosphere (respect of students to teachers, teachers to students, senior students to junior, junior to senior, understanding)

- A high level of knowledge (activity and victories in competitions, attitude to learning as an important duty and labor)

- Education, which is a measure of educated, cultural, educated people - high school pupils.

So Let us hold Lyceum level in all and remember:

1) I am student 38th Lyceum, and depends on me, which is good or bad, my institution; for my behavior - the person Lyceum.

2) I support the Charter of the Lyceum, perform rules of conduct because I love my Lyceum, I - patriot Lyceum.

3) I always take care of themselves in communication, trying to speak clearly, correctly, do not use "dirty" words, do not forget to say "thank you" or "thank you" for listening to me.

4) I always am greeted first with adults, when I go to the Lyceum, class, any premises where there are people.

5) If I was a guy, do not forget to remove the headgear indoors skip ahead teachers, women, girls.

If I have a girl, you remember that on my behavior depends on the behavior of children, so my friends are courtesy, restraint, good taste in clothes, punctuality and friendliness.

6) If someone is violating the standards of conduct, I have not arranged a fight and try to explain their case or appeal for help from the teacher, if necessary - to the director.

7) I do not have (to) be late, because it prevents lesson suggests my disorganization and lack of respect for others.