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Department of Natural Sciences

Head of the Department Sazonova Larisa Vasylyivna

Teachers of the department:

  • Marchuk Olena Petrivna,
  • Omelyanchuk Lyudmila Volodymyrivna,
  • Stolyar Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna,
  • Hozyeyeva Irina Mikhailovna,
  • Churina Irina Fedorivna

The main work of the department is aimed at:

1) Formation of educational subjects (biology, physics, chemistry, geography).

2) The key competencies of students required for socialization, creative self-identity, understanding natural - scientific world,

3) Developing ecological style of thinking and behavior,

4) Training citizen of a democratic society.

Teachers of the department developed a program integrated course "Natural". Teachers looking for new methods and forms of integration of natural subjects in high school (7-11 grades), and in high school, starting in 3rd grade. The work of the department to help scientists research institutes, university professors.

During the last years of the Lyceum of Natural Sciences Department works in the following areas:

  • Environmental;
  • Instructor's;
  • International;
  • Computer.

  • Environmental direction

    a) Offsite tours to different regions of the country, Poltava region, Carpathian, Crimea, Kyiv, Chernihiv and more.

    b) Seminars for teachers and students inviting scientists from Chernobyl problems, the state of water in the river and the Kiev Reservoir, the problems of air and water in the industrial centers of Ukraine, Shevchenko district of ecology.

    c) Participation in local competitions Junior Academy of Sciences, at international conferences.

    Instructor's direction

    In teaching natural subjects go to information technology that will provide opportunities for the whole fullness of information - computer systems. Introduce the computer means by which you can check the educational standard. This will allow us phased and planned move to a higher level, implementation of information systems as computer education infrastructure.

    The teachers of the department consult senior students of the Lyceum on research writing. The best of them defended at the annual scientific-theoretical conference Lyceum, district and city.

    International area

    Teachers of the department prepared to attend school pupils themselves were:

    a) in the "Computer pilot school" in the use of computers to study core subjects;

    b) the international environmental program (Baltic);

    c) in the workshop in the international educational and cultural project "East-West" in Warsaw;

    d) international yekolohichniy program (Brussels, Belgium)

    Information and computer area

    We use a variety of learning tools, but to improve the general interest and motivation to implement training of computer technology. This makes it possible to create and use virtual laboratory of physics and chemistry to model biological objects and processes perform training exercises and receive instant confirmation of the response to objectively monitor the knowledge and skills of students. This offers students access to bank information.

    The main objective is to create quality software for courses in physics, chemistry, biology, geography.