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Visiting card of the Lyceum

Visiting card of the Lyceum (video)

Lyceum 38 named afterV.M. Molchanov

Lyceum 38 named after V.M. Molchanov

Address Kiev, 01054, st. Gogol, 31. Tel. / Fax (044) 486 87 68.


Director of the institution - Irina Kozina, honored teacher of Ukraine; teacher-methodologist; Master of Educational Management; Vice President and Coordinator of International Programs School Heads Association Ukraine (USHA); Member of the Board of the Association of School Principals Europe (ESHA), Representative of Ukraine to the Assembly ESHA.

Founded school in 1937.

2012 - 75 years school 38.

Status Schools Cabinet decision in June 1990 granted the status of lyceum school.

Areas of activity (pre profile and profile training, courses, clubs, foreign languages) is specialized in high school classes with in-depth study of mathematics, economics and humanities classes. Pre profile training includes courses in computer science, mathematics, foreign language, economic geography.

In addition to the main course of study subjects in high school:

- Basics of computer literacy (class 2);

- Rights of the Child (Class 3);

- Logic (class 4);

- Rhetoric, style, poetry, drama;

- History of culture and religion;

- Russian and English literature;

- Psychology;

- Economic geography;

- The environment;

- Constitutional Law;

- School courteous manners and ethics;

- The history of international relations;

- Christian Ethics in Ukrainian culture (grades 1-4);

- European studies (10-11)

- Latin;

- Esperanto.

· 12 groups, five of which - subject, 7 - sports and aesthetic cycle;

Small Academy of Sciences;

Clubs "Europe is our home";

Education for Democracy;

Dance club "Step by Step";

Drama studio;

Choral break;

Studio "Cossack hardening" for 5-11 grades.


From the first class in high school English language learners, on the other - the Russian and the fifth grade is added french or german language to choose from.

In high school working groups: sports, substantive, aesthetic direction; club "Our House - Europe" talking shop.

Activities Lyceum number 38 is based on the fact that the modern world is an environmental, economic, technological, historical and social system of multicultural relationships, influences, contradictions. Priority is given to general human values ​​and humanistic dominant.

Lyceum 38 named after V.M. Molchanov:

- Provides skilled education in mathematics, computer science, linguistics, literature, history, law, international relations;

- Promotes the training of staff;

- Actively participates in international educational projects, considering the international singing work an integral part of modern educational process.

Lyceumaims to:

- The formation and development of highly cultured, intellectual personality;

- Ukrainian identity formation;

- Formation of citizenship.

As an educational institution Lyceum consists of three levels of secondary education:

1-7 classes - specialized school with advanced study of English;

8-9 classes - pre profile training in Intensive English Language and Mathematics;

10-11 - specialized education following areas: mathematics (mathematics, computer science, economics matematyka-), humanities (foreign language and literature, law, international relations).

Admission of students conducted the contest.

The Council aims to work together Lyceum teachers, parents and students about building confidence and optimal conditions for children.

Number of classes, number of students (elementary school, high school base, complete high school)

As 1veresnya 2014 the total number of students - 658 classes - 24:

Primary School - 8 classes;

5 - 9 classes - 11 classes;

10-11 - 5 classes.


Number of teaching staff (title, category) in high school are 71 staff member, including the highest category - 50, 22 teachers - Methodists, 20 senior teachers, 1 PhD, 1 poshukuvuvach academic degrees 2 winners Soros, an honored teacher of Ukraine , an honored teacher of Ukraine.

Cooperation with universities in order to improve teacher training, their scientific competence in high school created favorable conditions for cooperation with universities. High School signed a cooperation agreement with

a) National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI", Institute of Undergraduate (15/01 agreement on 05/07/11) in high school created unit - Highschool Class Pre-University Institute of 5 students 11th grade;

b) Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (ABV-10-00 deal of 14/03/00), high school is the educational complex KNUCA, lyceum students annually participate in competitions conducted by the University;

c) National Academy of Management (contract 18 from 10.01.99); Lyceum students enrolled in preparatory courses at the Academy; participated in the WEB-NAU competition;

d) university "Ukraine" (Agreement on 3/18/02) performs joint educational activities;

e) National Aviation University, for the purpose of career counseling students attending Lyceum Museum NAU, meet with teachers of the institution;

f) National Pedagogical University. M.Dragomanov, high school teacher working with the department of social and humanitarian works of faculty, teachers of the department - frequent visitors educational boards and teaching seminars Lyceum. Lyceum is the base for pedagogical practice of university students;

g) National University. Taras Shevchenko NU students have practice at the Lyceum;

h) In 2007 an agreement was signed with the National University of Trade and Economics of Cooperation Organisation;

j) in 2008 signed a cooperation agreement with the Kiev International University and the International Solomon University. Lyceum Students participated in activities conducted by Kyiv International University; attended courses in preparation for testing in International Solomon University;

k) Since 2007, the high school teacher in the person of Social Sciences II Unichenko collaborates with the Institute of Education Sciences of Ukraine (Laboratory Testing Technologies). In the experiment the teacher Department Unichenko II involved in testing tests on the history of Ukraine. But cooperation with the Institute of Education is not limited to the execution of the agreement. Thus, in this academic year an agreement was signed between the Laboratory of Mathematical and Physical Education Institute of NAPS Ukraine and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Lyceum cooperation to conduct at the Lyceum of experimental testing of textbooks, and teaching aids developed by laboratory staff, introduction Lyceum practice of effective teaching methods for learning management;

l) November 24, 2010 Lyceum signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. O.M.Marzyeyeva Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

As part of this transaction was conducted of health and physical development of pupils 3, 6 and 9 years; implemented complex health and preventive exercises in physical education classes and fizkultminutki; conducted workshops for elementary teachers and subject teachers; Sanitary developed guidelines for implementation of health and prevention of gymnastics in the educational process lyceum

Lyceum is also working with the National Linguistic University, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, the Institute of Education Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine; TSIPPO (as a basic educational institution for trainees), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (remotely), Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology.

Agreements Lyceum of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine, TSIPPO, Junior Academy of Arts' School V.V.Lubenka "(St. Petersburg, Russia) to conduct experimental work with the harmonious development of the child through art.

Famous alumni:

1) Molchanov VM, test pilot, member of the USSR cosmonaut.

2) Brown VP, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professor at the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

3) Sosnihin VA, football central defender "Dynamo" Kyiv.

4) Bohdan YM, professor of higher mathematics NTU "KPI"

5) Efimenko LP, movie actress, film "The Legend of Princess Olga," "Swan Lake. Zone "," Hetman Regalia "," Ave Maria, "" Prayer for Hetman Mazepa ".

6) Anchor MS, math teacher lyceum 171 «Leader of" People's Teacher of Ukraine, author of many textbooks on mathematics.

7) Bersheda ER - Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine. Diplomatic rank: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine

8) The German Academy O.F- ANURSR, director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics from 1974 to 1983

9) Yevintov VI -Ukrainian lawyer, doctor of law since 1993. Since 1998 - member of Europe. Council of Europe's Committee for the Prevention of Torture. Member of consultants VS Ukraine (since 1995). Director, Center for Human Rights at the Ukrainian Legal Foundation (since 1995), Chief Editor of "Ukrainian Journal of Human Rights" (1995) and "Refugees and Migration: Ukrainian Journal of law and politics" (1997).

10) Val M. - Scientist in the field of semiconductor physics, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1992), Doctor of Sciences (1982).

11) Kalnitsky Moscow - Kyiv city historian, writer and journalist. A member of the Main Board of the Ukrainian Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Organization; standing by historical categories newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine", "Evening Kyiv" journal "power of money" and others.

12) Yu.Morozov - General Director of TV channel "Studio 1 + 1"