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Letter in support Kozina IP

Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine SM Kvit


Head of Kyiv City State Administration V. Klitschko


Director of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Kyiv City State Administration Fidanyan AG


Head of the Kyiv city organization of trade union workers of Education Yatsun AM


Chairman of the Shevchenko in Kiev district administration Haryazi OO


Head of the Department of Education Shevchenko district in the city. Kiev State Administration of spring EV


Chairman of the Shevchenko district in the city. Kiev Trade Union of Workers Education Lesnaya LE


Deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Levchenko YM


Chairman of the Committee on Science and Education Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Hrynevych LM


ICTV channel




Address Lyceum team number 38 named. V.M.Molchanova m. Kyiv


The trade union committee and all the staff Lyceum named number 38. V.M.Molchanova Shevchenko district. Kyiv again appeals to you with a categorical demand to stop the persecution of our Lyceum.

Order of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Kyiv City State Administration from 12.25.2014 dismissed from his post as director of the Lyceum Irina Kozina, known and respected in the Ukrainian and European education person, one of the initiators of the Lyceum movement in Ukraine, which led our '26 Lyceum Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, the representative of Ukraine in the European Assembly of School Principals and Vice-President of the Association of School Principals of Ukraine, winner of the Oxford Socratic Committee for contribution to the development of European integration and other Ukrainian and European honors.

Liberated unfair, unreasonable, under bogus reasons. This is evidenced, for example, is something one reason for dismissal in the order specified "for non standard education." This is absolutely not true. Article 30 of the Law of Ukraine "On General Secondary Education" provides that "the State standard of secondary education - a set of rules and regulations that define the state education requirements for students and graduates of schools at the primary, basic and complete secondary education." The fact that the state standards in high school adhering to show students the Lyceum numerous victories in various competitions, international projects in various stages nationwide competitions on many subjects, high performance students and graduates of the Lyceum in DPA, high lyceum graduates assembly and testing that that each year 100% of graduates are university students Lyceum Ukraine, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, the US and other countries. Every year 2-3 school students receiving grants Lyceum year free education in British schools. Is it fair to dismiss the director of the Lyceum with such success lyceum students and graduates? Does not she have organized such a fruitful and productive work Lyceum?

Exemption Kozina IP occurred in spite of our previous message to you on request fairly and objectively understand the situation. No one understand what did not. Promise Chairman Shevchenko district in Kiev administration Garyaga OO a meeting with the director of the Lyceum, the representatives of the teacher staff and parent community to understand the situation in high school and so were the promises, but instead of parsing and analyzing the situation, he signed the dismissal Kozina IP Is this activity new government was to be the result of the Revolution of Dignity?

It is strange and suspicious why the thoughts and desires of a small group of parents Grades 1-2 outweighed the absolute support of the Lyceum and its director the workforce Lyceum, a large majority of parents of lyceum graduates Lyceum directors of schools Shevchenko district. Kyiv, Ukraine Association of School Principals, International Project Administration European NMS. Perhaps in this way is realized pre-planned action of the director free up one of the best schools Kyiv for some particular person?

Harassment Lyceum continues after release Lyceum Director

Kozina IP 20/01/2015 unannounced in high school came back from checking representatives of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Kyiv City State Administration and Shevchenko District Board of Education regular complaint by the same parent classes 1-2. Came with a gross violation of applicable law, no order for inspection without certificates, without a referral list of specific questions for review. Asked acting director of the Lyceum "What are you going to check?" the answer was clear and concise "Everything." Perhaps the next step will be the release of associate directors and teachers of the Lyceum? All these actions of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Kyiv City State Administration are all signs of raider attacks Lyceum, which is unacceptable.

The situation around the Lyceum, nervous teaching staff and parent community hinder normal, calm, creative educational work of the Lyceum, as it was in previous years.

In view of the above:

1. A work team Lyceum number 38 m. Kyiv expresses protest against the activities of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Kyiv City State Administration to our Lyceum requires cessation of harassment Lyceum, regular inspections, etc.

2. A work team Lyceum number 38 m. Kyiv expressed full support for the dismissed director of the Lyceum Kozina IP and will use every available legal means to do anything to get her back to the position of director of the Lyceum, including using the protest and appeal to the media.