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Department of Physical Education

and Homeland Defense


GalenkoLarisaAntonivna - head of department. Teacher of Physical Education higher category has the title of "teacher-methodologist", "Excellence in Education of Ukraine".

In 1978 she graduated KDIFK.

Teaching experience - 36 years. In high school number 38 works since 1978.

Printed work: Variable module "Gymnastics". The journal "Physical education in modern school» 1, 2013. The curriculum of physical training for students Grades 5-9, 2012.

In the institution responsible for preparing students for the Olympics in physical culture, regional competition "Olympic Stork", "descendants of Cossack glory".

    • Rozhkov Mykola Viktorovich - a teacher of Physical Education, National defense and the head of the group. Teacher of the highest category, has the title of "senior teacher".
      In 1984 he graduated KVIRTU and in 2007 NPU. Dragomanov.
        Teaching experience - 29 years. In high school works since 1999.
          Nikolay responsible for preparing the Lyceum team to district competition in football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, shooting, military, sports and all-around fire and applied sport.

          • Majboroda Vitaly Ivanovich - teacher of physical education and head of the group PFD. Teacher category.
          In 2002 he graduated NUFViS Ukraine.
              Teaching experience - 11 years. In high school works with 2003roku.
                  The teacher prepares students for district football competitions and events "Starts of hopes."

                  • Kravchuk Pavlo Mykolayovych - Head Circle Cup.
                  In 2012 he graduated NUFViS Ukraine.
                    Total teaching experience - 2 years. In high school works since 2012.
                      In the institution responsible for the preparation of elementary school to the district competition in football.

                      • Halushko Denis Oleksandrovych - head of the group of orientation.
                      In 2009 he graduated from the NPU. MP Dragomanova.
                          Total teaching experience - 5 years. Since 2011. works in high school number 38.
                              It has MMR title orienteering, tourism and biathlon. Champion of Ukraine orienteering. Participant world championships and Europe.
                                  Carries out interesting tourist activities (hiking ups "triad"). Provides assistance in preparing students for the competition on physical training module on "Tourism".

                                  Scientific-methodical problem of Physical Training:

                                  "The individualization and differentiation of work with students on the basis of theoretical and practical achievements of modern foreign and national educational, social and psychological science and practice."

                                  The main areas of the department

                                  - Improving the quality of the educational process through the implementation of information and communication technologies.

                                  - Establishment of priority health centers of physical education.

                                  - Implementation zdorov'yazberezhuvalnyh technologies.

                                  - Study and analysis of teaching, quality of educational achievement, identify difficulties in the assimilation of the program material by students;

                                  - Searching gifted children and develop their physical abilities, organization of further work to prepare students for the subject Olympiad.

                                  - Focusing all components of the system of physical education in shaping the comprehensive competence of students on the use of physical culture to self-improvement, preservation and promotion of health, healthy lifestyles.

                                  - Activation of sports and recreation and sports-media work with students, the introduction of physical culture in everyday life of students.

                                  Lyceum is a basic school students with internships NUFKiS Ukraine. Teachers of the department sincerely share their knowledge and experience. Work with students headed by Chair Galenko LA Lyceum is also a basic school to provide consultations to young and inexperienced teachers district.

                                  Department of Physical Education Lyceum NOC of Ukraine cooperates with the project "Olympic education and culture". Actively involved in the international project «FAIRPLAY - Fair Game"

                                  In the 2012-2013 academic year Two students of the Lyceum won the district competition on the stage of physical culture. As a result of urban stage Naboychenko Paul took second place, and Vdovichenko Maria - third place.

                                  In the 2013-2014 academic year Two students were winners district subject Olympiad stage. Nadzuha Alexander - First place; Trofimov Maria - second place.

                                  The teachers of the department are actively involved in the district

                                  (Galenko LA, Rozhkov MV) and City MO (Galenko LA).

                                  Galenko LA is a member of the jury city competition "Teacher of the Year", "Innovation lesson of physical culture" and "Best lesson in football."

                                  Traditional in the Lyceum are:

                                  · Competitions in football, volleyball, basketball, athletics, table tennis; Olympic lessons; friendly meeting with football, volleyball (teachers team against a team of students);

                                  Holidays: "Power every need" (f boys), "You see, trying, all sports are doing" (for girls) turiada, "Gay start" to the day of the feast of sport, holiday 'Funny football "for students primary school.

                                  The results of Lyceum performance in the Sports Shevchenko district

                                  amongst pupils of general schools

                                  2000-2001 .. – st place

                                  2001-2002 .. place

                                  2002-2003 .. st place

                                  2003-2004 .. st place

                                  2004-2005 .. st place

                                  2005-2006 .. st place

                                  2006-2007 .. place

                                  2007-2008 .. st place

                                  2009-2010 .. st place

                                  2010-2011 .. st place

                                  2011-2012 .. st place

                                  2012-2013 .. st place

                                  2013-2014 .. st place

                                  In 2006 and 2010 the team won the city was Lyceum stage of Ukrainian patriotic festival "The descendants of Cossack glory" and represented the city of Kyiv in nationwide competitions.

                                  Students Lyceum numerous regional competitions medalists in shooting with small caliber rifles. Winners of district and city competitions in military-round sports and fire and applied sport.

                                  In 2011, a student of class 11 Holtva Paul, won the municipal stage festival-competition Salute!"

                                  The results of participation in athletics teams Lyceum Shevchenko district in 2013/2014 academic year

                                  - Physical culture - patriotic festival "The descendants of Cossack glory" - First place

                                  - Kids Games "Olympic Stork" - First place

                                  - Racing Table Tennis - second place

                                  - Racing Cup among students of classes - third place

                                  - Racing Basketball (9-11kl.) - Third place

                                  - Racing Basketball (7-8 cells.) - Second place

                                  - Racing Volleyball - second place

                                  The team of students in grades 5-6 in urban stage children's games "Olympic Stork" took second place.