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HMC projects

   Board of School Directors Association Ukraine (SDAU) supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, together with the Association of Directors of private schools UK holds a competition for scholarships to study for one year in one of the private schools UK for high school students aged 16 - 17 on September 1, 2015 to provide opportunities to get acquainted with the experience of the British educational system, the British model of life, get practice English.


Winners of the HMS projects in 2014 in Cambridge

By competition invited students, mostly from schools - USHA members and interested teachers. Preference is given to young (although not limited to age), teachers of mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, music, arts, physical education, French, German, Spanish, those who are willing to be teachers, assistants, actively participate in the learning process.

Requirements for students candidates:

1. The ability to communicate, to express their views, to a more or less correctly in English;

2. Understand and follow the rules established by the school;

3. Cultural behave adequately represent their country;

4. Not to have serious health problems;

5. Be active and friendly;

6. Be prepared for the entrance fee of £ 1300, 300 of which will be used by you. Transport money and a visa is also the responsibility of candidates;

7. Approval of parents, signature of documents and questionnaires required. Wages for the year parents must not exceed 25,000 pounds.

The organization of the competition for students:

1. October. Creates a jury - organizing committee (3-5 people), announced a competition consisting lists wishing regional centers:

m. Kyiv

(01054) - Lyceum 38 im. V.M.Molchanova

st. Gogolevska, 31

tel. / fax (044) 486-87-68

e-mail - lyceum38@gmail.com

Chair - Irina Kozina, director of the Lyceum

Kyiv region

m. White Church - Gymnasium 1

st. Yaroslav the Wise 54

tel.faksi (045) 6351977

Chairman - Melancholy Boris, director of the school


Kharkiv - specialized school 73

st. Korchagintsev 24

Tel. 8-0577100190

fax 8-0577119120

Chairman - Tatyana Mikhailenko, director of school


m. Lviv - SPC "school garden" Sofia "

st. Heroes Krut, 27

fax 8-0322704711

e-mail - escuela80@ukr.net

Chairman - Dace Irina V., Director

2. November (4-10 November). Competitions are held in regional centers USHA, selected the winners. Competition consists of written and oral, as appropriate, form. The winners are those gaining the highest score among the participants (not below 9.10). ). Not later than November 15th best work with homework «Personal Essay» (preferably printed) together with the completed questionnaire, parents agreed, photos, records commissions, the work of candidates sent to the center HMC projects in Ukraine.

Lyceum 38 im. V.M.Molchanova

m. Kyiv

01054, Gogol 31

Irina Kozina, HMC

Congratulations to the winners HMC 2015-2016:
Full Scholarships have been awarded to:

1.Kateryna Kuian(Kyiv)
2.Vladyslav Bokovenko (Bila Tserkva)
3.Polina Osypenko(Kirovograd)
4.Artem Linetskiy(Kirovograd)

In addition to the award of the four full scholarships, the following students will be invited to apply for aReduced Feeplace to study in the UK:
1.Yevhenia Ischenko (Kirovograd)
2.Zlata Podugolnikova (Kyiv)
3.Rostyslav Brytskiy (Kyiv)

We wish continued success!

Best wishes

Coordinator of the project - Irina Kozina

tel.faksi (044) 486-87-68