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Structure of the Lyceum

Lyceum №38 named after V.M. Molchanov of Kyiv - a new democratic institution type that ensures the development of natural positive inclinations, abilities and talents of the child, creative thinking, the ability to cultivate and continuous education of young people qualified in the fields of mathematics, computer science, economics, law, foreign languages, literature and international relations. Feature education - the integrity and continuity. and to provide a level higher than the state minimum education, starting with the first degree, completing the third.

The structure of the Lyceum as follows:

1-7 classes - basic link lyceum classes with intensive study of English, mathematics and science;

8-9 classes - pre profile training classes with in-depth study of mathematics and the humanities;

10-11 - specialized education, training of the Lyceum students for further education in universities.

Of the 10 class provides training in the following profiles: mathematics, computer science, mathematics, economics, linguistics, law, international relations. The competitive set.

Language Learning - Ukrainian.

Learning foreign languages

English - with 1st class;

Russian - from the 2nd class;

French or German - the 5th grade;

Latin - 7th in class;

Italian - optionally circle.

In  lyceum carried out an in-depth theoretical and practical study of broad disciplines of fundamental and applied in close relationship with the university community, in a single scientific-methodical and scientific-pedagogical system.

Along with the educational process is carried out systematically and educational. But if the first is aimed mainly at high training in mathematics, science and the humanities, the educational - the formation of free, responsible to themselves and society of the individual who has self-esteem, high intellectual and spiritual culture. This is not possible without a thorough study of Ukrainian national culture without mastering wealth Ukrainian language. Therefore, an important role in the formation of high school play Ukrainian national consciousness.

The current socio-political situation in Ukraine, the situation in the economy, in the preparation of national relations prodyktovuyut school pupils for life in a free society and market economy, the diversity of national cultures residing in the territory of Ukraine. Before programming, lectures and conduct seminars Experienced scientists, experts, university professors. Also practiced exchange of students and teachers with relevant international institutions. It is urgent formation of ethnic or multicultural consciousness, which includes not only the unity of cultures, but also awareness of differences in thinking and psychology of different ethnic groups.

The philosophy of the Lyceum involves the development of gifted students a sense of reverence for their homeland; national identity, dignity, honor; understanding of the problems facing the country and world civilization; representation of the plurality of images of the world; ability to accept other cultures impartial, non-violent thinking; responsible attitude to solving the problems of their communities, countries around the world.

The importance attached to the issue by students mastering high humanitarian culture, development outlook based not on class, national or group interests, and the universal values. Work of the Lyceum organized so that cooperation, collaboration has led to teacher and student learning of all the components of culture, knowledge and experience of, the culture of human relationships based on tolerance and cooperation.

Introduced differentiation and individualization of learning provides better creative development of each student, it takes into account the intellectual, emotional and volitional and efficiently and practical areas of physical and mental health.

Optimization of teaching - educational process aimed at achieving each student for him the highest level of creativity, talent, skills, knowledge, and skills. mental functions, ways of life that are possible in this age for a given individual and in these conditions, by selecting the most appropriate forms and methods for the least expenses of time.

Creating a creative environment in the school today - a problem relevant. One example of such creativity in high school may be the organization of scientific work of high school pupils. The first tests - from elementary school, grades 7-9 - protection group projects.

Scientific Lyceum company was established in 1990. Within two years, every student grades 10-11 is working on a scientific topic under the guidance of teachers and university lecturers Lyceum. Works are protected during the annual conference of the Lyceum.

Demonstrating the best research, lyceum students participated in:

1) national and international conferences pupils, competitions of scientific works of Small Academy of Sciences "Researcher" m. Kyiv.

2) Open Russian scientific conference of students in physics, mathematics, computer science, conducted by the Moscow State University. Lomonosov.

3) conference on physics, computer science, chemistry, and biology at the Moscow Energy Institute.

4) International Conference on Human Rights in Frankfurt.

5) At the end of the European project of international environmental essay in Brussels.

6) The pan-European konferenutsiyah weeks each year of science, history and culture.

For all these scientific forums are back with our Lyceum diplomats winners.

       The acquisition of sound through the prism of national culture helps shape tolerant outlook citizen of Ukraine who can adequately operate not only in their own nation state, but also in the world.

That's why so important in high schools provided the international direction of, participation in international education programs. The annual trip overseas students has considered a mandatory part of Lyceum education focused on the European level, the education of the individual citizen, devoted to Ukraine, open to the world. Lyceum takes part in international projects for high school students: RYEYER - from 16 European countries, NMSprojects - studying in the UK for 1-2 years.

The content of education in high school №38 them. V.M.Molchanova more intense compared with the average general educational institutions. It is aimed at general education of gifted, talented students. In particular, to possess it several foreign languages, studying philosophy, logic, rhetoric, mathematics deep specialization, humanitarian, economic, legal structures, etc. It is about forming a national perspective yevrolitseyu European orientation.

The school is a social organization, the Institute of Culture and the real intermediary between the individual and society in securing and maintaining the knowledge that humanity has developed in identity formation. It seems that the cultural context of education XXI century will be outstanding for democratic societies.

A well-developed infrastructure of knowledge is important for our physical and spiritual benefits in the future, because the future starts school today. And it is formed from all of the best that is in the world in educational field. So take this. For example operates more than preaching. But the experience was and remains the most important and eternal life as a teacher.