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Pan-European educational project

The aim of the project remained the same as in previous years to promote the establishment of friendly relations and mutual understanding between young people of different European countries; familiarity with the culture, traditions and scientific achievements European countries and nations; discuss common problems of youth and society in general. Exchanges are created primarily for the benefit for students. This means that the weekly program must first meet this objective. Students have to work together, communicate together, discuss together.

In January 2013 pan-European project celebrated the 20th anniversary of the creation and collaboration.

At different times in the project were: Ukraine, the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Scotland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Finland.


Countries participating in the project in year 2014-2015:

 HOLLAND - HILVERSUM (Gemeentelijk Gymnasium)  

 HUNGARY - BUDAORS (Illyes Gyula Gimnazium es Kozgazdasagi)

 DENMARK - SVENDBORG (Svendborg Gymnasium)
GREECE - ATHENS (The Moraitis School)
 UKRAINE - KYIV (Lyceum 38 named after Valery Molchanov)
 ROMANIA - BUCHAREST (National College Iulia Hasdeu)
CZECH REPUBLIC - PRAGUE  (Gymnasium J. Seiferta)
 RUSSIA - MOSCOW (Museum Graeco-Latinum)
 FINLAND - VANTAA (Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School)

Brief chronology:



Czech Republic, Prague

Subject: Theatre as part of school education



Greece, Athens

Subject: European Union: Pros and Cons

Finland, Vantaa

Subject: Medicine in Europe in 2015

2012, November

Romania, Bucharest

Subject: Display of national traditions in contemporary art

Denmark. Svendborg.

Subject: Food scientifically

2011, November

Denmark. Svendborg.

Subject: Alternative Energy

2010, November

Greece, Athens

Subject: Museums of my city

Czech Republic, Prague

Subject: Migration and Immigration in Europe after the Second World War.

2009, November

Ukraine, Kyiv.

Subject: Development of democracy.

Netherlands. Hilversum

Subject: Science in Medicine.

2008, November

Romania, Bucharest

Subject: Display of youth in modern society

Hungary, Budaersh.

Subject: Who is our hero or anti-hero in the twentieth century?

2007, November

England, Sheffield.

Subject: My city: ancient and modern

2006, November

Edinburgh, Scotland.

Subject: Biotechnology and I

2005, November

Ukraine, Kyiv.

Subject: School culture as part of the national culture

2004, October

Romania, Bucharest

Subject: National culture and folk traditions

2003, October

Bulgaria, Sofia.

Subject: National culture and folk traditionsSubject: Civil rights and obligations of a young person in their family, school and society.

2002, November

Ukraine, Kyiv.

Subject: Ecology of a big city

2001, November

Edinburgh, Scotland.

Subject: Changes in political and economic life of Europe after 1945

2000, November

Greece, Athens

Subject: National culture and folk traditions

1999, November

Netherlands. Hilversum

Subject:  Factors influencing the activity of enzymes. Operation of intestines.

1998, October

Denmark. Svendborg.

Subject: Democracy, Nationalism and the problems of minorities

1998, January

Greece, Athens

Subject: Laboratory as a necessary component of physics and chemistry.