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Department of Primary School

"To find in each student his strongest side, open it in a gold vein - all teachers should be people passionately in love with his work, able to ignite the flame of the same love of their pets."

Sukhomlinsky VA

The department of developmental education Lyceum 38 are 13 teachers.

Head of Department -ChechelnytskaNataliateacher - methodologist.


  • Zubkova Lyubov - primary school teacher, teacher - methodologist.

  • Melnik Oksana - primary school teacher, teacher - methodologist, deputy director of elementary school.

  • Gladyk Olga - primary school teacher, teacher of the highest category.

  • Panasyuk Natalia - primary school teacher, teacher of the highest category.

  • Sydorets Nina - primary school teacher, teacher 1 category.

  • Demydyuk Olga - primary school teacher, senior teacher.

  • Kartova Nelia - science teacher, senior teacher.

  • Onishchenko Tatiana - Daycare teacher, senior teacher.

  • OleynikSvetlana -Daycare teacher, teacher of English language.

  • Butrik Olga -primary school teacher, daycare teacher,

  • Pryharyna Olga - speech therapist.


Departments credo :

Ø Understand, learn and teach each student to learn.

Ø Demand to students coupled with respect for their identity.

Ø Ability to find gifted and talented children - talent, the ability to grow them - art. But the most important is the love child.

Ø Develop child as a unique personality, to form her creativity, desire for self-employment.

Ø To teach and educate so that each child's heart ignite the flame of knowledge, thinking, good ...

Ø Give each child that she can take, but give an honest effort.


The main activities of the department

Methodic Work at the Department of

- Held a seminar "Teaching the subject" Steps to science "in elementary school at the new State standard of primary education."

- For teachers district who teach computer science, our teacher subject "Steps to science" Card NM conducted a lesson in class 2 on the topic "Introduction to the keyboard!".

- During the seminar was held game "Battle of Young Informatics" to teams 4-A and 4-B.

- Made a memo to parents "Safe Internet".

- Passed scientific workshop on the introduction of a new State standard for the new program. Teachers shared their experience 2 classes began working on a new program. Zubkova L.I.,Chechelnytska N.A.- the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko celebrated as follows:

- Competition of poems and poets of Shevchenko Shevchenko "The wreath Bard".

- An exhibition of children's drawings, illustrations for works of Taras Shevchenko.

- Class Exhibition KOBZAR different publishers and different times.

- Issue stinnivok the life and work of the great poet.

- The "Shevchenko - artist".

- A seminar "New forms of children's collective" driving class teacher diaries observations. V. Pavlenko, Palinchak Y.M., Demydyuk O.V.

- Introduction: testing new textbooks in mathematics under the new state standards. Olyanytska LV

- Seminar on "Sharing experience of conducting interactive lessons and creating presentations." Zubkova L.I.

- Psychological and pedagogical research adapting the first form pupils. Kanachhyan L.G., Olyanytska L.V., N. Panasyuk

- Strengthening the health of the child. Development of sports hvylynok in the classroom: correction of the spine -Chechelnytska N.A.charging Eye - L. Zubkova, a point massage - Demydyuk O.V.

- Teachers of the department of developmental education are constantly improving their skills, share experiences, attend lessons colleagues and always ready to show Master - classes.

- Works Cinema "Sun" with daily thematic repertoire.

- Were holding slices knowledge of technology Grade 1 reading, 2 math classes, 3 - Ukrainian language in 4 - Administration of Mathematics, Ukrainian language and reading.

- Holding slices of knowledge for the development of teachers: Mathematical dictation in class 2 - Zubkova L.I. test on science in grades 2 and 3 - Chechelnytska N.A.

- Continuing study course "Christian ethics and morality."

- The action "Give a hand, first grade."


- 4 times a year passed themed parent meetings.

- Implemented dynamic break. On special schedule students under the guidance of a teacher playing outdoor games outdoors.

- Some lessons on science and health foundations or part of the lesson is held outdoors in the park.


- In his work the teachers of the department are actively using new interactive learning technologies that support the development of intellectual, creative, substantive or leadership skills.


Lessons and hobby groups work

Lesson - is the main work of teachers with students. When students in the classroom interesting? If lessons are transformed, become Lessons - amusing, quizzes, debates, brain - rings, drama, using interactive technologies. When the teacher and student - equal, equal subjects of study. When students can realize their potential, interests, abilities, rather than being passive executor of the will of the teacher.

Holy Days of primary school

New Year Carnival

Ukrainian evenings


Battle of Songs

Participation in competitions and tenders

They say that all children are talented. This is the real truth. It all depends on timely detected and talent of its development. In order to develop the talent we have to create conditions that spark in the soul of the child could ignite. It depends on the teacher and the child and the parents.

From the first days of training students, we teachers of primary schools, set up the priority of causing, see each child's talent early on.

Each year, our students are among the winners of regional competitions in mathematics, International Competition Ukrainian language experts named .. Peter Jacek, international mathematical competition "Kangaroo" Natural Competition "KOLOSOK." This year we first took part in the competition "Sunflower", where children showed knowledge of language and literature.