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Association of School Principals of Ukraine (ASPU) has existed since May 1993. The same year, she became an associate member of EASP (European Association of School Principals).

Composition of the Association:

presidentof the ASPU

- Onats Olena Mykolayivna,

Director of CEI number 41, m. Kyiv

Vice Presidents:

- Irina Petrovna Kozina,

Director of lyceum 38 named V.M.Molchanova,

m. Kyiv, representative of Ukraine in the European Assembly principals, EAPS

- Tatyana Andriyivna Skorik,

Director of CEI number 28 m. Cherkasy

Secretary General

- Paharova Galyna Vasylivna,

director of the Lyceum of politics, economics and law, m. Kyiv

ASPU- oluntary NGO directors and deputy directors of secondary and vocational educational institutions of Ukraine, which voluntarily joined together to perform basic purpose: to promote the development of national education as an important means of creating Ukrainian state, improvement of professional skills, school management and protection interests of its members. USHA has its own Charter, approved and registered under the law. The association has more than 800 members of school leaders from various regions of Ukraine.

Over the years, despite the difficult economic situation, much has been done for the recognition of organizations domestically and internationally. The conditions and established system of education directors (centers in Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Rivne). Whereas national experience and the experience of Europe, formed a database of information on strategic areas of education, professionalism and competence of the head. Since 1997, issues newspaper "Headmaster."

Towards active participation in international projects in the field of education worked Regional (Ukraine-Netherlands-Belarus-Bulgaria) program ESNA-DEER on topical issues of modern management school and professional training of the modern manager. From September 2001 to 2003 worked as international project UDEM (Ukrainian-Dutch Educational Management). Project coordinators - Herman Bosman (VVO Netherlands) and Irina Kozina (USHA-Ukraine), established relations with the World Confederation of School Principals (ICP), significantly zmitsnilysya USHA relations with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, government organizations.

Today USHA has been active in 10 international projects with Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands. Leading theme: "The school principal - the leader of the educational process", "Education for Democracy", "Civic Education".