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How to help a child and overcome negative emotions?

How to teach children to control himself?


Many adults, let alone children can not describe what is happening in their souls what they are dissatisfied. But if a person is able to assess his mental state, it will be easier and others and himself.

Try the following exercises to develop the ability to understand themselves.

(You can also do it with the child).

• Tell your child: "Listen to him. If your mood could paint, the color of whatever it was? Which animal or plant looks like your mood? And the color of joy, sadness, anxiety, fear? "

You can lead a "mood diary". In it the child every day (you can several times a day) paint the mood. This may be the faces, landscapes, creatures that more like him.

• Draw the outline of man. Now let the child present that man is happy, let him zashtryhuyte pencil the place where, in his opinion, the body is feeling it. Then also "feel" image, anger, fear, happiness, anxiety, etc. For each emotion child should choose your color. You can sketch and one man, and different (eg if happiness and joy kid wants to locate in one place).

• Discuss with your child ways of expressing anger. Let him (and you will) try to answer the question:

1. What can you anger?

2. how you are behaving themselves when angry?

3. What you feel in a state of anger?

4. What do you do to avoid trouble in these moments?

5. Names words that tell people when angry.

6. If you hear an offensive words that you feel that doing?

7.What words for you nayobrazlyvishi?

It is advisable to write down the answer, then discuss with the child. For example, you can use that word, angry, and which should not, because they are too sharp, unpleasant.

To learn how to cope with anger, there are special techniques and exercises.

1. Build with the baby "faces" in front of a mirror. Depicting different emotions, especially pay attention to facial expressions angry man.

2. Draw along prohibitory sign "STOP" and agree that once the child feels that begins to get angry, it immediately will receive the sign and say aloud or to yourself "Stop!" You yourself can also try using a mark to curb his anger . Using this technique requires training over several days to entrenched skill.

3. To teach a child to safely communicate with people, play this: Pick up some attractive object (a toy, a book). The task of the child - to persuade you to give this subject. You give the thing when you want. December then be more difficult: the child asks only through facial expressions, gestures, without words. You can change places - you ask a child. After the game, discuss how it is easier to ask what techniques and actions influenced your decision to give the toy discuss feelings experienced players.

4. Teach the child (and yourself) to express anger in an acceptable form.

Explain that should definitely prohovoryuvaty all negative situations with parents or friends. Teach your child verbal expressions of anger, anger ("I'm sorry, I'm offended").

Ask to use "miracle things" for the explosion of negative emotions:

- Cup (she can scream);

- A basin or tub of water (they can throw rubber toys);

- Sheets of paper (you can crumple, tear, with the power to throw a target on the wall);

- Pencils (they can draw trouble, and stroke or crush figure);

- Clay (it can dazzle figure offender and then crush it or recycle);

- Pillow "Bobo" (you can throw, hit, push). Highlight a separate cushion "to discharge", you can sew her eyes and mouth; should not be used for this purpose stuffed toys and dolls, but the punching bag will do.

All of these "miracle thing" can be used and adults !!!

5. Tool "quick discharge" If you see that the child is overexcited, "on the edge", then ask him to run fast, jump or sing a song (very loud).

6. The game "Obzyvalky."

To exclude from everyday offensive words, called names! Throwing a ball or a ball, called him harmless words. This may be the names of fruits, flowers and vegetables. For example: "You - dandelion", "And then you - melon!" And so long as the flow of words is not exhausted.

What helps this game? If you rozlyutytesya the child want it "teach" remember the funny "obzyvalky", perhaps even name the baby, it will not hurt, and you get emotional relaxation. When, with such skill games, kid call abuser "cucumber" (not ...), you will surely feel pleasure.

Teach the child to control his emotions (of five years)

• You can greatly compress fists, stretch the muscles of the arms, then gradually relax, "releasing" negative.

• You can imagine being a lion! "He's beautiful, calm, self-confident, head held high, shoulders straightened. His name as you (the child), he thine eyes, body. You - a lion! "

• strongly-strongly press the heels to the floor, the whole body, arms, legs tense; teeth tightly linked. "You - a mighty tree, very strong, you have strong roots that go deep into the earth, you are not afraid of no one. It is beyond confident man. "

• If a child starts to get angry, ask him to do a few slow breaths-exhalations or count to 5-10.

You know, that drive emotions inside, trying to hide them, very bad? The consequences of such actions - heart disease, nervous disorders, high blood pressure in older age plus misunderstanding surrounding, high irritability, aggression, communication problems. Therefore, teach the child themselves and learn to show emotions, "throw out" them without harming others. Emotional discharge is necessary for the preservation of health (physical and mental), and the ability to talk about their problems will help to establish contacts with others, to understand himself.